Campaign Inspiration - The Story!

Edwin's Journey: A Clothing Campaign Redefining Mental Health Awareness

Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023: Making Mental Health a Fashionable Statement.

10% of every sale will be donated to Mind via Work for Good. 

 Edwin Usiade - Founder, Campaigner & Creator photoshoot


A remarkable transformation emerged from the depths of Edwin Usiade's personal struggles, birthing a distinctive clothing campaign that has set out to reshape society's perceptions about mental health.

The story of Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023 stands as a testament to resilience, compassion, and the power of uniting voices for a vital cause.

Amidst the backdrop of a shattered marriage and the upheaval of a lost job, Edwin found himself plummeting into a profound mental health crisis, its weight overshadowing even the simplest joys of life.

The vibrancy that once adorned his world faded, replaced by a persistent low mood that consumed his days. An intense sense of isolation added to his troubles, leaving him adrift in a sea of people. His cherished passions – good food, music, sports, and social interaction – faded into obscurity.

Behind the facade of normality that he wore, Edwin battled silently, masking his inner turmoil even from those closest to him. Yet, beneath the surface, desolation thrived, reflected in both his living space and his state of mind.

Model photoshoot of a couple together yet, far apart in reality. 

The desolation and loneliness were unyielding companions for months. The struggle was silent but unrelenting. But even amid the darkness, a spark of determination remained, refusing to surrender. Edwin knew he couldn't afford to fall apart; he had to muster the strength to rise.

His resolve led him to seek professional assistance, where he confronted the diagnosis of depression. Within the folds of therapy, he uncovered the life-altering impact of mental health services in the UK.

Thus sprouted the concept of Edwin's Humankind Service (E.H.S) Because We Care, a Community Interest Company that stands for empathy and support.

Today, standing tall with pride, Edwin introduces the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023. This initiative, in collaboration with Mind Charity, a UK-based organization committed to aiding individuals facing mental health challenges, is a fusion of fashion and advocacy. It draws from personal experiences and narratives of others who have battled depression, cultivating a broader discourse on mental well-being.

The core principle is elegantly simple: fashion possesses the potential to revolutionize mental health awareness. Edwin's exclusive clothing collection carries the weight of breaking societal taboos surrounding mental health, and its designs foster dialogue and empathy.

Each piece represents courage, resilience, and unity, transcending mere attire to become symbols of solidarity.


However, the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign aspires to be more than a statement in style. It embodies Edwin's commitment to extending support, ensuring that individuals aren't left to navigate their mental health journeys in isolation.

He pledges 10% of campaign sales to Mind through Work For Good, backing the organization's crucial services, such as the Mind Info Line and the online peer support platform, Side by Side.

Edwin extends an invitation to all to join him in this endeavor, be it through purchasing from the collection or direct contributions. Their collective support is pivotal in shaping a transformational impact on mental health awareness.

Recognizing that mental health struggles transcend boundaries, the campaign aims to reshape discussions around the topic, using the influence of fashion to forge unity.

Every garment within the campaign's collection encapsulates Edwin's personal voyage and pays homage to the resilience of those grappling with mental health adversities.

The designs epitomize the potential of fashion to manifest transformation - translating the raw facets of mental health into wearable art. Yet, beyond aesthetics, each piece stands as a beacon of hope, affirming the acceptance of vulnerability and the acknowledgment that it's alright to not be alright.

ERCB Campaign Photoshoot 

Wearing these designs signifies more than donning clothes; it's an embodiment of empathy and understanding. It declares, "I stand by those who wage silent battles. I comprehend. I support. I care." It's an avenue to normalize mental health discussions, shared understanding, and mutual support.

This collection and campaign are a labor of love for Edwin, an attempt to initiate ripples of change that touch every corner of society. Nevertheless, the ultimate success of the campaign rests with the community's embrace.

As the journey continues, Edwin's Community Interest Company, E.H.S, Because We Care aims to employ the Ed Resolution Campaign Brand - E.R.C.B to back other community causes and organizations.

Through creativity and fashion, barriers will be dismantled, and inclusivity in conversations will thrive. Building upon the momentum cultivated by the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign, the goal is to harness positive change, one fashion statement at a time.

Hence, the call is extended to the community: stand in unity. Embrace the strength of your voice and the influence of your style. Together, let's shatter the silence encasing mental health concerns and craft a world where every individual feels acknowledged, heard, and supported.

The power to enact significant change lies in each person, one statement at a time. So, let's unite with style, making mental health a fashion declaration.