Our Values and Behaviours

At Edwin’s Humankind Service (E.H.S) Because we care, our Values and Behaviours are the foundation upon which we work with individuals, organisations and communities.

Our Values and Behaviours

Our Values and Behaviours are aimed to helps us be successful, meet our social enterprise goals, support our beneficiaries and partners. In essence, they guide and protect the management and operation of our social enterprise.

They are a set of consistent standards for our team to work to, helping us decide:

  • how we create and promote our campaign

  • how we agree on a product for our campaign promotion and source supplier

  • what percentage of our campaign product sales we agree for funding and or/ donation with the consent of the CIC Regulator

  • which PR, journalist, news network and social media platform we use to raise public awareness for our campaign  

  • When we promote our campaign and duration of promotion

  • how we decide and accomplish our other campaigns and projects

  • which high street retailers we work with for instore marketing

We believe our Values and Behaviours makes Edwin’s Humankind Service (E.H.S) Because we care a great social enterprise to partner with, work and make a difference in the community.  

Values & Behaviours: 

We have four Values, each with an associated set of Behaviours. The Values are what we stand for, the Behaviours are how we do things. 

They are Honesty, Ambitious, Collaborative, Human-Centred. We call it our HACH.

Value Statement:

We are an honest, ambitious, collaborative, human centred social enterprise (HACH).

Read about each of the Values below.

Human-Centred: -

  • Respect and Diversity: We respect and support each other.

Appreciating the richness of a diverse community. We are committed to creating campaign awareness about all human challenges in the community and raising funds for support.


We live this when:

  • we campaign all human challenges experienced in the community because we are human centred

  • we respect and care about each other, we are supportive

  • we celebrate success wherever it happens

  • we act with fairness

We don’t live this when:

  • we are disrespectful and insensitive to any human challenges where we can make a difference or consider the impact of our behaviour

  • we make inconsistent or unfair campaign or product decisions

  • we ignore inappropriate behaviour

  • we don’t work with particular beneficiaries, suppliers or organisations 

Collaborative: -

  • United in a charitable cause:We are collaborative by working and promoting campaign awareness together.

Working together to create campaigns that inspire members of the community to support the community.


We live this when:

  • we work well in partnerships with our beneficiaries to campaign human challenges experienced in the community

  • we listen and learn from each other

  • we actively share our knowledge and expertise

  • we encourage and champion new campaign product for promotion

We don’t live this when:

  • we promote campaign alone without involving our beneficiaries

  • we discourage, avoid or dismiss feedback

  • we make little or no effort to understand the perspective of others

Honesty: -

  • Doing what is right:We are fair, open and transparent.

Acting with integrity and not misleading the public about our campaign or the way our campaign sales would be donated to our beneficiaries.


We live this when:

  • we are open and honest about our campaign purpose

  • we trust and respect people, irrespective of status and hierarchy

  • if we make a mistake, we admit it and learn from it

  • we act in accordance with the law in our campaign, fundraising and ensure total accountability with the consent of the CIC Regulator.

We don’t live this when:

  • we refuse to listen to advise about our campaign and product promotion

  • we don’t take responsibility for our actions

  • we are disorganised, wasteful and ignore proper processes

  • we put our individual interests above our social enterprise values and behaviours

Ambitious: -

  • Originated from the heart:Ambitious for Individuals, organisations and communities to be known and offer improved services to the community.

We are a social enterprise, innovative and next generation. Looking to the future and open to new ideas. We aim to inspire a community where everybody is a pledger and trendsetter united in a charitable cause...


We live this when:

  • we challenge the status quo where we can make a difference to people lives

  • we are not afraid to take a considered risk

  • we encourage and champion new ideas

  • we think long term and embrace sustainability

We don’t live this when:

  • we act within our comfort zones

  • we dismiss alternative ideas and discourage others from suggesting new ways of working

  • we make poorly planned decisions that don’t the future of the community into account

  • we ignore problems and challenges instead of addressing them