What is the mission of our company?

Our company's mission revolves around utilizing the Ed Resolution Campaign Brand (E.R.C.B) to forge a global and local community of dedicated individuals who are passionate about championing charitable causes and effecting positive change within society.


What is E.R.C.B?

E.R.C.B serves as our online platform designed to raise public awareness for our beneficiary causes, while also acting as a vehicle to promote and market our campaign products for sales and donations. This allows us to generate funds aimed at supporting our beneficiaries.


What kinds of Campaigns do you organize?

Our campaigns primarily focus on charitable causes. In these campaigns, a percentage of the total proceeds are allocated to the E.R.C.B Award, which is later presented to the charity through Work For Good.


Do I need to nominate a charity for the Charitable Focused Campaign?

No nominations are necessary for the Charitable Focused Campaigns. All that's required is your contribution, either through purchasing campaign apparel or making a donation, which serves as a heartfelt sign of support from the community.


Where are your campaign clothing items manufactured?

Our campaign as well as non-campaign clothing items are designed and manufactured right here at our North London studio in the UK.


Do you provide refunds for Charitable Focused Campaign clothing?

Given the charitable nature of our E.R.C.B, we regret that we're unable to offer refunds. However, we're more than willing to provide an exchange for apparel of equal value or even assist in redesigning the item.


Are refunds available for non-campaign clothing items?

We do offer refunds for our non-campaign clothing, in accordance with our Refund Policy. For more detailed information, please refer to our Refunds Policy.


How can I be sure that the generated funds will reach the beneficiary?

The E.R.C.B Award, which is the generated amount, will be awarded to the beneficiary through Work For Good on the agreed-upon date following the conclusion of the campaign.


Is the campaign open to everyone?

Absolutely, anyone who shares a deep passion for the cause of our campaign is welcome to provide their support.


Will my contribution be valid after the campaign period ends?

To maintain consistency and ensure accountability, our charitable campaigns are only valid within the specified campaign period. Any purchases made after this period will be reinvested into our social enterprise to support other community causes.


Which charity organizations do you collaborate with as the organizer?

In order to maintain fairness and transparency in our Charitable Focused Campaigns, we collaborate with a diverse range of individuals, organizations, and communities that support various aspects of the community. We do not favor any particular entity; our work encompasses all.


How can I identify a Charitable Focused Campaign?

 You can easily identify a Charitable Focused Campaign by checking the "Inspiration For Campaign" and "News and Media" pages on our website, where the ongoing campaigns are clearly outlined.


Is the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign your inaugural campaign?

Yes, the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign marks our maiden campaign effort. This campaign is also categorized as a Charitable Focused Campaign, embodying our commitment to making a meaningful difference.