Campaign Workshop

"Empower Your Team with Mental Health Awareness" - E.R.C.B. Service


Elevate your team's well-being with our empowering workshop at Ed Resolution Campaign Brand E.R.C.B. Our mission is to promote mental health awareness and support, creating a positive impact for your employees and your organization.

Workshop Details:

Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023 Workshop: To Make Mental Health a Fashionable Statement.

Duration: 30 minutes

Objective: To inspire and empower employees secretly facing mental health challenges to break the fear and seek support for a more fulfilling personal and professional work life.


  1. A personal journey of conquering mental health challenges that led to a unique campaign.


  1. Introduction to the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign and its goals.


  1. Harnessing fashion to promote mental health awareness.


  1. Engaging activities for active participation.


  1. An open Q&A session for questions and concerns.

We offer this workshop to your team for free, allowing you to choose the most convenient time and location. We kindly request a donation to support our cause, and in return, we'll acknowledge your support on social media. Join us in making a difference.

For further information and booking enquiries email us at or via our Contact Page