Ed I’m Sorry Pledge Men Hoodie

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Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023:

To make mental health a Fashionable Statement. Campaign in aid of Mind Charity. Order or donate online.


      Elevate your style with a purpose by ordering the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign Men's Hoodies collection. As you adorn our fashionable hoodies, you're also contributing to a noble cause.

      With each purchase, you are supporting Mind's mission to ensure individuals grappling with mental health challenges receive the assistance and respect they truly deserve – a mission of profound significance. We extend our sincere thanks for your commitment to making a difference.

      Furthermore, 10% of every sale from this collection will be thoughtfully donated to Mind through the Work for Good platform, amplifying the impact of your purchase and advancing the cause of mental health support.

      Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey.

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