STOP! Whatever you doing now. READ THIS – Charity begins at HOME…

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The Email:

Hey there, my amazing social media family and friends! 🌟

Last night, I received an email with the subject line – "STOP being so fake Edwin." Initially, it was late, and I was exhausted, considering ignoring it. But something inside me urged me to open that email. And wow, I'm glad I did! πŸŒ™

The Email Summary:

The email read, "That’s your content right now. Accurate, and polished, but failing to truly engage." Those words struck me like a bolt of lightning, instantly waking me up! I read the whole email attentively.

The Conscious State of Mind:

As I lay in the dark, the words echoed in my mind, and I realized there was truth in them. I replied to the sender, inquiring about the specific part of my story that had prompted their message. Then, I sent the email to our team.

The Next Day:

The email stayed with me all day. After work, I sat down with a pen and notepad, breaking down the points raised in that email. I compared them to my content. I spent the entire evening introspecting and asking myself questions.

The Email Review:

The sender was right. I have a genuine story to share, one that's close to my heartβ€”the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023: Making Mental Health a Fashionable Statement. πŸ§ πŸ’ƒ

This campaign, in support of Mind Charity, aims to raise Β£41,400 for Mind Info Helpline and Online Platform, Side by Side, inspired by my personal mental health journey. We're doing this through the sale of campaign fashion collections and accessories that I've designed and modelled the men’s collection – Designer Jacket, Hoodies, Long and Short Sleevee Shirt. Or, you can make a donation, comment, like, share, and follow us. 🌐

Since our launch on September 1, 2023, until October 31, 2023, our campaign has struggled to gain awareness. πŸ˜”


The Target Audience:

Our campaign speaks to everyone who loves fashion and believes in supporting charitable causes. πŸ›οΈ It's a chance to make a difference while looking stylish and supporting local businesses at the same time. πŸ™Œ

Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign Promotional Cover with two models, male and female in the campaign collection

The Current State:

The sender was right about our current status. Our campaign needs more community awareness to generate engagement and sales. If you're still reading this post at this point, thank you! You're proof that you care and want to be part of this journey. πŸ“Š

As of my last check on Facebook, we've only garnered 16 likes and followers. Out of 684 Facebook family and friends. On LinkedIn 27 followers out of 21,202 and other platforms.

Indeed, charity begins at home. 🏑because If all my family and friends on social media knew about the campaign and supported it would kickstart the campaign in a very big way.  The sender was also correct about why our campaign hasn't engaged as much as we hoped. It made me wonder how many of my social media family and friends truly understand the Ed Mental Pledge Campaign 2023 and its origins.

The Awakening:

Charity begins at home. 🏑 Like a warm dive into a pool, it became clear that the key to our campaign's success lies with my social media family and friends. It's not about a big budget or a fancy agency – it's about us connecting, you and me in support of each other progress. In essence, building a relationship that is alive and growing 🀝

The Apology:

So, I want to apologize to all of you, my incredible social media family and friends, young and old, for not properly introducing myself earlier.

The Introduction:

I'm Edwin Usiade – a Campaigner, inspired by life twists and turns and the Founder of Edwin’s Humankind Service (E.H.S) Because We Care Community Interest Company, a proud member of Social Enterprise UK. I trade under the name Ed Resolution Campaign Brand (E.R.C.B). πŸ’Ό

The Request:

Charity begins at home. For this reason, I invite you to be part of our E.R.C.B family both on and off social media. 🌍 Without you, we can't achieve our social enterprise goals. With your support, whether you purchase our campaign fashion collection and accessories, donate, share, like, comment, or follow us, together we can build a better community for our children. 🌈

I'm extending this invitation to be part of our E.R.C.B family both on and off social media. If you have any questions about our campaigns, you want to share your experience of mental health with us reach out via our website contact page or email us at Let's make a difference together! πŸŒŸπŸ€—

 🌟 Join the Ed Mental Health Pledge Campaign 2023: Let's Make a Difference Together! 🌟

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